Institutions are often easy cause and effect essay topics mired in short-term thinking, weighed down by the narrow kingkong gas grill cover interests of one part superceding the interests of the whole.

But the interests of the whole depend on a well-earned brand image. Building brand in any given market takes time, great care, smart decision making, and the coherent, expert execution of a strategic plan.

When it comes to international student recruitment, superb analysis and ingenious marketing are a must. Easily overlooked is how brand advancement requires granular, sophisticated student selection methods. Moreover, a rigorous scheme for excluding disingenuous cases is a must. Institutions ignore this at their peril.

Burnishing a reputation over the long term requires kaleidoscopic command of the myriad factors that affect brand image – that’s

Higher Edge What We Do

We need a long-term plan for recruiting internationally to our professional master programs.


Schools, Universities, Around the world


We make them count!

Are our international tuition prices where they should be?

Creative Branding

From school halls . . .
to shopping malls!

Find Academic Partners

Brazil? Bangladesh?
We forge partnerships.

We need to get out of a bad deal!

Are we getting into a good deal?

We’re okay for quantity, quality is another story!

How can we better handle enquiries from foreign institutions?

What can be done to be more of a player with graduate students?

We have issues with students’ representations and practices.

Could we be doing a better job recruiting internationally?

President’s Advisory Service

When “international” becomes central, you need globally grounded advice on speed-dial.

Strategic Planning

From vision to action,
A plan that has traction

Could we plan 5 years out even if we were ready to do so?

Public Relations

Build your image . . .
every day!

Can you invigilate? Screen documents? Random test for fraud?


We do them well in many challenging marketplaces.

Student Screening

Vetting & Verification

We are in a mess with an overseas partner, can you help?


Conferences, publications

We need to square away our position on working with agents.

Consulting Reports

Unparalleled acuity,
Pragmatic advice

We need to attract better quality students.

Student Services

Reach them before
they leave home

We need support for study abroad programs.

School Presentations

Sec or post-Sec,
Big city or small town