It started with a vision of a company which is
global, mobile and curious about everything!

It gave birth to a three-word mantra: Presence. Presence. Presence. The mantra is now evident in Higher-Edge offices across four continents and staff that speak a couple dozen languages.

Higher-Edge is a true international strategies company.

Just check out  What We Do,  Who we are  and  Where We Are.

Yes, our special focus is on international student recruitment.
But we are much more. Our on-the-ground expertise is based on uncommon experiences and driven by uncommon excellence. Our voluminous streams of data and information gathered from around the world
criss-cross myriad borders to synthesize
rare insight on-site.
In a world of flux, we are always cultivating a newer
. The Higher-Edge kaleidoscope in
the hands of our cross-culturally savvy,
locally expert staff, is what we use to meet
the challenges of our clients.

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How can we attract more women from Pakistan?

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Strategic Planning

We have a huge problem overseas! We dearly need a trouble-shooter.

Dr. Ross Paul QuoteWith ever-expanding offices and services in key locations in Asia, Africa, and South America, Higher-Edge offers expertise in international credential transfer, visa requirements, and cross-cultural sensitivities, all vital components of the increasingly complex, and competitive market for international students.”

President’s PlauditsDr. Ross Paul on the role of University Presidents in his 2011 book: Leadership Under Fire.

We need a trusted counterpart in Nigeria, how can you help?

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April WangDirector, Global Strategic Planning, Beijing

We need a long-term plan, not a quick fix.


From Dubai…

We want long-term, robust overseas partnerships. Where to start?


How can we tackle the complexity of Brazil?

…to Beijing…

Do we need a new media presence? Where? How?

I need someone who understands the Chinese higher education complexities.

Is there a market for us in India?

Marketing and Recruiting Internationally for Graduate Programs – NAFSA, Kansas City

New World: Internationalizing Graduate Professional Education in Canada
CBIE, Toronto

Promoting Your Agency and Impressing Education Providers – ICEF, Singapore

Lived Lessons Not Learned in London
Canadian and UK Deans of Science, Oxford

Working with Education Agents
Government of Manitoba, Winnipeg

Fighting Back Fraud: Ensuring Integrity and Internationalization – NAFSA Baltimore

International Student Misrepresentation: Ensuring favourable policy and practice
CBIE, Charlottetown

Global GuidanceConference presentations worldwide: Better marketing by better screening.

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Can our company tap into the overseas student market?

Mel BroitmanStrategic Planner, Phuket, Thailand
Creative BrandingFrom school halls . . .
to shopping malls!